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Every Version of You

Title: Every Version of You

Author: phys_nut

Artist: emerish

Beta: inspiredlife

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Bradley/Colin, hints of Katie/Eoin

Warnings: Smut (guy-on-guy sexy times, though I should probably warn for how badly it’s written…), some angst, lots of FEELZ

Word Count: 17,538

Summary: Bradley ends up being sent to a parallel universe after a spell during filming actually works. When the guys get him back, Colin notices there’s something wrong, and he’s determined to find out what happened.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Bradley, Colin, or any of the Merlin cast and crew, nor do I know any of them. This is completely made up and just a bit of fun!

Author’s Note: First of all, a MASSIVE thank you to my beta inspiredlife, she did a fantastic job at fixing my mistakes and reassuring me that I had done a decent job. This story would not be half as understandable without her. To frellen_rocks my friend and cheerleader, who encouraged me to sign up in the first place and listened to me rant on and on about the plot and my ideas – thanks hun!! A big cheers to my artist emerish who’s done a fabulous job on the art work – I absolutely love it!! And finally, a huge thanks to the mods who organised this, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking part! :D

Link to Art: Pretties!!

Prologue   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Tags: 2012: challenge entries
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