Moonie (moonilicious) wrote in merlinbb_rpf,

Masterlist 2012

Gold in the Shadows (Bradley/Colin)
Story by xfortytwo
Artwork by aarins_rou

The Waiting That Happens In The Space Between (Bradley/Colin)
Story by nympha_alba
Artwork by mushroomtale

Take Me By The Tongue (Kiss Me 'Til I'm Drunk) (Bradley/Colin)
Story by bowtiesandtuxes
Artwork by emerish

It's Complicated (Bradley/Colin/Richard/Rupert)
Story by mrs_leary
Artwork by altocello

Once More, With Feeling (Bradley/Colin)
Story by rufflefeather & alby_mangroves
Artwork by evian_fork

Colin's List (Bradley/Colin)
Story by junkshop_disco
Artwork by alby_mangroves

The Fairy of Shalott (Bradley/Colin)
Story by marink1485
Artwork by helva2260

Every Version of You (Bradley/Colin)
Story by phys_nut
Artwork by emerish

Piece by piece (Bradley/Colin)
Story by colourmecrunchy
Artwork by obliqueo

Help To Lift Your Head (Bradley/Colin)
Story by oomnydevvotchka
Artwork by disco_mouse

Thus concludes the third—and final—round of the Merlin RPF Big Bang. We would like to extent our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in any of the three rounds and made this small big bang a huge success. We hope you had as good a time participating as we had modding. ♥

While this marks the end for the RPF Big Bang, it doesn't mean there won't be anymore RPF challenges. I plan on running challenges along the lines of the mini!bang from earlier this year over at merlinrpf (which I also mod) and I hope to see you there. :)
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