Merlin -x- RPFBB2

Masterlist 2012

Gold in the Shadows (Bradley/Colin)
Story by xfortytwo
Artwork by aarins_rou

The Waiting That Happens In The Space Between (Bradley/Colin)
Story by nympha_alba
Artwork by mushroomtale

Take Me By The Tongue (Kiss Me 'Til I'm Drunk) (Bradley/Colin)
Story by bowtiesandtuxes
Artwork by emerish

It's Complicated (Bradley/Colin/Richard/Rupert)
Story by mrs_leary
Artwork by altocello

Once More, With Feeling (Bradley/Colin)
Story by rufflefeather & alby_mangroves
Artwork by evian_fork

Colin's List (Bradley/Colin)
Story by junkshop_disco
Artwork by alby_mangroves

The Fairy of Shalott (Bradley/Colin)
Story by marink1485
Artwork by helva2260

Every Version of You (Bradley/Colin)
Story by phys_nut
Artwork by emerish

Piece by piece (Bradley/Colin)
Story by colourmecrunchy
Artwork by obliqueo

Help To Lift Your Head (Bradley/Colin)
Story by oomnydevvotchka
Artwork by disco_mouse

Thus concludes the third—and final—round of the Merlin RPF Big Bang. We would like to extent our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in any of the three rounds and made this small big bang a huge success. We hope you had as good a time participating as we had modding. ♥

While this marks the end for the RPF Big Bang, it doesn't mean there won't be anymore RPF challenges. I plan on running challenges along the lines of the mini!bang from earlier this year over at merlinrpf (which I also mod) and I hope to see you there. :)

Piece by piece

Title: Piece by piece (link takes you to ao3)

Author: colourmecrunchy



Pairing: Colin Morgan/Bradley James

Characters: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, mentionings of their families

Word Count: 50k


Art masterpost:


Parked-inspired AU where Colin is unfortunately homeless but incessantly jubilant, so Bradley naturally finds him certifiably bananas - and must therefore spend with him as much time as possible;

swimming pools are being swam at (where they find Wilma but no Fred), cars are being taken out for test rides (where Bradley and the dealer have a mini contest in pouting at Colin), bear-mating rituals are being discussed, and two slightly broken and unknowingly lost men are being put back together one piece at a time by each other.

Colin isn't used to people smiling at him. It doesn't happen often and he's not quite sure if it's a good or a bad thing. He'd probably be running by now, but this is Bradley, and despite his obviously loaded ass (and a dad that may or may not be a dentist) he seems harmless. So Colin stays put where he is and tentatively smiles back. There, see. He can do social.

Warnings: two things worth mentioning here – there is some drug abuse, but described very lightly, and none of the actual using, more the effects of it and such. And there's a scene with some physical violence (chapter 9) but my beta assures me it's nothing too bad (or graphic). See more notes at the beginning of the actual story.

Disclaimer: I own squat. (=Neither the Parked concept nor these lovely boys, though I am more than happy if they, in fact, own each other).

Thank you notes: All the love and hugs in the world to my beta Gigi for her endless chain-emails where she very kindly pointed out when I worded something like a dumbass (and when I broke down she coaxed me back to life with endless no you're still my fave love notes). ♥
Major major thanks as well to my artist obliqueo - for picking my story and then making lovely art for it. I appreciate it so much, my dear.
Last but certainly not least - endless gratitude to moonilicious and gwyntastic   for the organization and guidance! :3

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Every Version of You

Title: Every Version of You

Author: phys_nut

Artist: emerish

Beta: inspiredlife

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Bradley/Colin, hints of Katie/Eoin

Warnings: Smut (guy-on-guy sexy times, though I should probably warn for how badly it’s written…), some angst, lots of FEELZ

Word Count: 17,538

Summary: Bradley ends up being sent to a parallel universe after a spell during filming actually works. When the guys get him back, Colin notices there’s something wrong, and he’s determined to find out what happened.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Bradley, Colin, or any of the Merlin cast and crew, nor do I know any of them. This is completely made up and just a bit of fun!

Author’s Note: First of all, a MASSIVE thank you to my beta inspiredlife, she did a fantastic job at fixing my mistakes and reassuring me that I had done a decent job. This story would not be half as understandable without her. To frellen_rocks my friend and cheerleader, who encouraged me to sign up in the first place and listened to me rant on and on about the plot and my ideas – thanks hun!! A big cheers to my artist emerish who’s done a fabulous job on the art work – I absolutely love it!! And finally, a huge thanks to the mods who organised this, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking part! :D

Link to Art: Pretties!!

Prologue   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3


The Fairy of Shalott

Title: The Fairy of Shalott
Author: marink1485 (MarInk)
Beta: oomnydevvotchka
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, hurt/comfort
Summary: Colin works in a bookstore and harbours a dream. An unusual customer comes in one day, and before Colin knows it his neatly organized life goes downhill. Or, maybe, uphill, even if there is no such phrase. He can’t really decide which one.
A/N: 1) This is an AU in which the TV-show Merlin never happened (also, I took the liberty of alternating a few other things, but nothing as major as this one). However, it doesn’t stop some things from happening;
2)  Written for the Merlin RPF Big Bang 2012 (merlinbb_rpf).
3) I’m endlessly grateful to my beta and cheerleader-reader oomnydevvotchka. I’d never finish it without her total awesomeness to support me;
4) My artist helva2260 is a true warlock with Photoshop! Her art is wonderful, and here’s the art masterpost for you to see the aforementioned wonder all together: click right here
Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin and don’t get any money for writing this. No copyright infringement intended. Also, no offense to anyone intended.
Word Count: ~25,500
Status: Complete.


Once More, With Feeling

Title: Once More, With Feeling, written for the merlinbb_rpf Big Bang 2012
Authors: rufflefeather and alby_mangroves
Artist: evian_fork
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bradley/Colin, Colin/OMC
Characters: Bradley James, Colin Morgan, various OCs
Word Count: 26,000


Art Masterpost: Art by the lovely evian_fork here - Thank you so much for illustrating our story ♥

Summary: Bradley has spent years cultivating an image which feels as hollow as his Hollywood victory. Colin, in moments of weakness, thinks he might have left his soul behind on the set of Merlin. Sometimes, running gets you nowhere except full circle.

Warnings: Prostitution, explicit sex, orgasm denial, voyeurism, D/s undertones, internalized homophobia (in the past, and glossed over), angst and more angst, unhealthy relationship, internalised shame (briefly experienced by one character after sex).

Disclaimer: We own nothing and this is absolutely not real and for entertainment purposes only. No offense to anyone intended.

Notes: A: So, Ruffle, we made it! We refused reality and substituted our own. Thank you so much for letting me do this with you, and for ALL THE THINGS. It's such a pleasure to work on any project with you and I'm so happy we did this together and didn't kill each other or anything, and you even let me keep some run-on sentences because that's the kind of generous person you are and I adore you. Yeah. ♥ ♥ ♥

R: Alby, you are a dream to work with. I've told you this before, not only are you a gifted artist, you're one of the best writers I know and it's been an honor doing this with you. I can only hope that we get to work together again. ILU <3

Our love and thanks to evian_fork for illustrating our story with her gorgeous art, and to bookbag01 for running Beta eyes over everything. Lots of hugs and kisses to moonilicious and gwyntastic who made this Big Bang the wonderful, friendly place it is, and who organised everything with such aplomb.

its complicated - colin conflicted

fic: It's Complicated

It's Complicated - title page by altocello

Title: It’s Complicated
Author: mrs_leary
Artist: altocello
Fic beta: asifidletyou
Rating: NC17
Universe: Merlin RPS
Characters: various twosomes involving Bradley/Colin/Richard/Rupert
Word count: 13,750
Warnings/Enticements: Senior love! Senior sex! Twosomes! (Apologies if you were expecting a foursome… though I know some of you will be relieved!)

Summary: A bemused Colin finds that it’s generally assumed Richard is in love with Colin – and Rupert later suggests that, really, just about everyone is at least a little in love with Colin… But if he’s so spoiled for choice, why does it take him the whole second season to work out who he most wants to be with?

Notes: Set in 2009 during the latter half of filming for the second season.
Written for the Merlin RPF Big Bang 2012 ♥ merlinbb_rpf on Live Journal.
With thanks for… ♥ A wonderful challenge run by moonilicious. ♥ A darned good idea from reveuse2. ♥ A brilliant beta by asifidletyou. ♥ The most utterly awesome art by altocello. ♥ With lyrics borrowed from Tim Rice.

Disclaimer: This flight of fancy has nothing at all to do with the actual Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Richard Wilson, or Rupert Young. Although it might finally reveal the truth about Katie! Otherwise, the story is purely imaginary, and is not intended to cause offence.

Fic with art embedded at AO3: click here

Art post on LJ: click here

(Oops! Looks like I went live on AO3 before I meant to... Meant to save it as a draft!)

Take Me By The Tongue (Kiss Me 'Til I'm Drunk) (Bradley/Colin)

Title: Take Me By The Tongue (Kiss Me 'Til I'm Drunk)
Author: bowtiesandtuxes/stevie23
Artist: emerish
Pairing: Bradley/Colin
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 12.5k

Summary: At first, when Colin starts skipping their Friday Night Movie Nights, Bradley thinks he's done something wrong. Then he thinks Colin's dating someone. Then he thinks Colin's dating Katie, and then the truth is revealed. Features pining!Bradley, motherhen!Katie, Angel and Bradley being bro's and Bradley and Colin being eejits (as usual.)

Notes: Literally had so much fun writing this, and Emerish's art is fantastic, so I'm very grateful.


Take Me By The Tongue (Kiss Me 'Til I'm Drunk) @ AO3