Moonie (moonilicious) wrote in merlinbb_rpf,

Cheerleader Request Post

Since there's been some interest in cheerleader matching, here it goes!

First, some info on how this works:

» Writers fill out the form below and leave it in a comment.
» All comments are screened. They will be unscreened on Friday, June 22nd.
» On that day we will post an announcement and point everyone to the post so they can review the requests and match up with writers.
» Anyone can cheerlead! You don't have to be a participant (ie. artist or writer) but you can be a participant (just make sure you have enough room to participate and support a writer!).
» Don't worry if you miss the deadline to request a cheerleader. You can leave requests until well after June 22nd.

Now, signing up! Copy/paste this into the comment box and fill it out.

Come forth and request. :)

eta; Claiming is open! Cheerleaders, no need to sign up all official like, just read over the requests and say hi to any writer that strikes your fancy and is still looking for someone. Remember, you don't need to have experience in cheerleading, enthusiasm and some time to support a writer while they write their story are all the qualifications you need. No need to be shy! ♥

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